The Language of Oneness


Receive “The Language of Oneness Map” 

The map is a daily life practice comprised of four parts:

1. The 12 Perfections of The Language of Oneness

2. A Simple Powerful Daily Meditation

3. A Daily Life Journal for Intimacy with God

4. A Daily Walk for Inner-Peace

The truth is simple and has been hidden from us, right before our very eyes .  Our greatest freedom all comes down to language.  For example, at the root of peace and war, health and sickness, good and evil and endless other opposing concepts is the language of gain, loss and illusion.  One day, maybe today if not already, you will realize that good is just the concept of gain and evil the concept of loss in disguise.

The Map further explains:

A) The Language of Oneness

B) Why we are always wonderful and perfect.

C) The state of “Pure Being”

D) A powerful prayer of healing and liberation.

The Map comes with 7 video presentations of support and encouragement accessed in the “The Map Video Series” area above.

Before requesting the map and video, you are encouraged to watch the 4 free videos on the site. Doing so, will make clear your motivation and determination to receive the map.

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